15 June 2018 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Learn how you can assist those you care about and the elders within your community by using some of the tips below to help prevent abuse. 

  1. Learn the signs of elder abuse and neglect.
  2. Call or visit an elderly loved one and ask how he or she is doing.
  3. Provide a respite break for a caregiver.
  4. Ask your bank manager to train tellers on how to detect elder financial abuse.
  5. Ask your doctor to ask you and all other senior patients about possible family violence in their lives.
  6. Contact your local authority to learn how to support their work helping at-risk elders and adults with disabilities.
  7. Organise a "Respect your Elders" essay or poster contest in your child's school.
  8. Ask your religious congregations's leader to give a talk about elder abuse at a service or put a message about elder abuse in the bulletin.
  9. Volunteer to be a friendly visitor to a nursing home resident or to a home bound senior in your neighbourhood.
  10. Send a letter to your local paper, radio or TV station suggesting that they cover World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (15 June) or Grandparent's Day (September).
  11. Dedicate your bikeathon/marathon or other event to elder mistreatment awareness and prevention.

Information from: https://ncea.acl.gov/

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Unity representing strength stands in direct contrast to the concept of divide and rule.

In the unforgettable words of Madiba himself:

“Unity in Diversity" is a phrase we use often in South Africa, which is also a country of widely diverse peoples and cultures. These differences were misused by apartheid in order to divide our nation. But today our diversity is a source of strength. We are a nation of many colours and cultures, but forming a harmonious unity like a rainbow after a heavy storm.”

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It is only when we truly“ know and understand that we have a limited time on earth, and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it were the only one we had.”

- Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

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To care and be cared for forms the very foundation of a balanced life as a human being.  Without the necessary quantity and quality of it, no form of achievement can ever truly equate to success, because something will always be missing. Care transmits interest, empathy, comfort.  Without it, it is impossible for any of us to truly thrive.   

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Physical touch forms the very foundation of human communication, bonding, and health.  Most of us take it for granted as a common part of our daily lives. Not so the lonely or isolated.  Research demonstrates that, especially amongst the elderly, touch deprivation is a very real problem that can have a powerful negative impact on the human psyche, preventing us from experiencing happiness or wellbeing. 

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