Helderberg Trust


The Helderberg Trust for the Aged (registration number IT1125/98) is a registered Non-Profit Organization (registration number 005-909NPO).

It was created in 1998, by the Helderberg Society for the Aged (registration number 002-846NPO) with the object of creating a fund for the care, welfare and relief of the financially disadvantaged and underprivileged aged of the Helderberg.

In order to fulfil its objective, the Trust must accumulate sufficient capital to enable it to generate the type of monthly income required to subsidize the ever-increasing number of indigent aged, not only in the care of the Society, but in the general population.

Since 2008, the 50th anniversary of the Helderberg Society for the Aged and the 10th anniversary of the Helderberg Trust for the Aged, we have dedicated all our efforts into creating awareness of the existence of the Trust and its objectives. All monies received through fundraising events are paid into the Trust in order to increase its capital, thereby enabling the trustees to fulfil its aims.

The PRESTIGE CLUB 2000 is a fun way of making a difference!

Tickets cost R50.00 each per month up to a maximum number of 1000 tickets monthly

Winning numbers are drawn quarterly at a cocktail party:

First prize R2000.00
Second prize R1000.00
Third prize R 500.00

Sign up a new member and your number will have a double chance of winning in the next draw! For full particulars please contact VICKY COUVARAS on 021-852 5130 ext 115.


Fundraising projects are taken on annually to raise funds for either the Helderberg Trust or specific projects at our units. This could be anything from the freshening up of a library, to supporting a fellow resident. We also apply for grants to support many residents living on a Government pension alone.