Singing provides many benefits for the elderly. Our frail care residents frequently enjoy a ‘sing-a-long’ at our Support Centre or Mountview. Thank you to the many volunteers, like our pianist Rinet Kennedy, who share their passion for music and play their instruments to accompany our residents’ voices!
Ongoing research has shown that regular singing can increase immunity, lift spirits, and provide a physical workout for the brain and lungs. These benefits are significant for those experiencing mild to moderate dementia as it boosts healthy brain function as music activates many parts of the brain. Emotions released and the physical process of engaging in music appears to support access to memories. Lung expansion and breath control are a part of singing. It is interesting to note research of regular music therapy sessions shows an increase in breath control and possible improvement of the swallowing mechanism of those living with Parkinson’s. Singing also encourages posture/body alignment as singing forces the singer to sit up straight for maximum lung capacity. Singing together creates group bonds as singing helps develop and maintain skills of listening and adjusting to others. It is a wonderful antidote to depression!

Benefits of singing


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