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Spur visits the HSFA

Spur visits the HSFA

The Helderberg Society For the Aged gave a warm welcome to Sunset Bay Spur from Gordon’s Bay at the HSFA’s Silver Oaks Lodge, Assisted Living Unit in Somerset West today.
The elderly residents were brimming with excitement as the Spur team decked the HSFA’s dining room and transformed it into a look-a-like Spur! Sunset Bay Spur generously sponsored their renowned burgers and chips, delighting the happy party. The HSFA’s Assisted Living Unit Manager, Gregory Young, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the compassionate gesture extended towards the elderly, particularly on this special occasion of Mandela Day.
It was a day filled with delicious Spur food, laughter, and music, and everyone revelled in the festive atmosphere. The support from the Somerset West community holds immense significance for a non-profit organisation like HSFA. Thank you Herman Du Toit – owner of Sunset Bay Spur and his team for assisting the HSFA to achieve HSFA’s vision to care for the older person. Thank you to Gregory and his team and special thanks to Mariska Vlok who made each lamp and wall decoration by hand! Outstanding. Thanks too goes to Theo Rix from HelderbergFM 93.6 who kindly MC’d and DJ’d!
Auralia Giwu, the Regional Operations Manager Western Cape Spur Steak Ranches, attended the event and said, “When we received the request from the HSFA, requesting bringing Spur to their units with the theme “Taste For Life”, it was an opportunity for us to give back to our community and what a better day to do it on than Mandela Day with the help of Sunset Bay Spur.” Spur Steak Ranches Sunset Bay Spur Steak Ranch #SpurSteakRanches


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