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Background and History

Since its inception in 1958, The Helderberg Society for the Aged has grown from a small Rotary initiative to caring for approximately 660 residents. Our foundation of care rests on our Four Pillars of Service: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Frail Care and Clinical Services.

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Today the HSFA property portfolio proudly boasts 8 independent living, 2 assisted living, 2 frail care units and 1 Life Right property. All properties are located in tranquil settings of Somerset West, encircled by magnificent mountains and vineyards.

The Helderberg Society for the Aged is a Non-Profit organisation (002-846 NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation and can issue you with a Section 18A donation certificate which you can use for tax purposes. 


The Helderberg Society for the Aged will provide sustainable care for the older person, enhancing quality of life with dignity and security, within a culture characterised by integrity, commitment, compassion and respect.


We will achieve our vision by appointing and/or training suitably qualified staff, enhancing our facilities, developing creative ways of self-funding, developing innovative marketing practices, engaging the community towards providing integrated and harmonised care for the older person.


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