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Fundraising projects are taken on annually to raise funds for specific projects at our units. This could be anything from the freshening up of a library, to supporting a fellow resident.
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sunbird project

The Sunbird Project is a fundraising project to support residents who have no family or are financially disadvantaged. You can assist them with their daily needs through:

  • sponsoring a resident,
  • donating library goods
  • hosting a birthday party
  • sponsoring toiletries

The Sunbird project also keeps the memory of loved ones alive through the means of adopting a room.

flamingo upgrade

The Flamingo Project is a continuous fundraising initiative, aiming to upgrade our Dementia Unit in the Support Centre. We have already raised sufficient funds to install CCTV cameras, which was done during February 2016. As funds are donated or raised, a specific item is purchased or facility upgrade is made.
We run various fundraising events and smaller initiatives throughout the year, please visit our website for event details or learn more about how you can get involved at HSFA.


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