March and April were months full of drama at the HSFA! So when our residents were saying “Break a Leg” this did not mean that next step meant a hip or knee replacement, but rather a moment of glory on stage!!
All units (Independent Living, Assisted Living and Frailcare) were invited to join drama workshops as presented by two lovely ladies, Coleen van Staden and Celia Musikanth from Circle Productions Cape Town . Howls of laughter and impassioned shouting was heard in the halls of the units with our residents acting out Shakespeare’s most rude lines (sometimes translated into Afrikaans!) Movement and mime were practiced, and character sketches as well as poems were rolled out. Thank you to the lovely drama teachers who showed us how many theatrical players, tuneful singers, and drama queens we actually have at the HSFA! Watch this space – HSFA HAS TALENT will be back with a vengeance!


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