The HSFA Vonke Service Centre Knitting Group, “The Squares,” created beautiful knitted items such as jerseys, scarves, beanies, and blankets and delivered them to Heartlands Baby Sanctuary in Strand last week. The effort and generosity of your group members are commendable, and it’s heartening to see people coming together to make a positive impact on the lives of others. The founding group members are Joey Bianchina, Esme Long and Ellen Maree. Please note that these ladies actually buy wool themselves. Should anyone from the community wish to drop off ‘Double wool’ at Vonke Security gate we would be most grateful.
Organisations like Heartlands Baby Sanctuary play a crucial role in providing care and support to vulnerable infants, and your knitting group’s contributions undoubtedly make a difference in their lives. It’s acts of kindness and compassion like this that help build stronger and more connected communities. Thank you and your knitting group, “The Squares,” for making a positive difference and spreading kindness through your craft. Keep up the fantastic work!


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