You guessed it… the residents of the Assisted Living, Frail care and some Independent Living HSFA units were at it again… partying it up! This time the lovely ladies and gents showed off their style and fashion on a catwalk for a fashion show at each of their units! Our resident’s creativity was evident when Pavarotti, the Italian Mafia and Luigi the Italian pizza chef all came to the party!!
Italian fashion was the theme of the day and Gucci bags, Prada shoes and many a ‘magnifico’ hat was paraded by the enthusiastic residents! GERATEC chefs once again outdid themselves with a menu of Minestrone Soup with Ciabatta Bread, Arrabbiata Meatballs & Penne Pasta Served with Caprese Salad ending with a Tiramisu.
The judges had a difficult time selecting the winners as it was a close race!! The prizes for the best model and hat designer were superb namely restaurant vouchers, pasta, aprons etc sponsored by a local Somerset Italian restaurant Al Dente Italian Deli and Restaurant, and Italian wine was discounted from Sunrise Blue Bottle Liquor Somerset West
Note due to the POPIA Act we are restricted from showing photos of faces of our residents (thus the blurred faces), so should you wish to get copies of the many photos taken on the day – please speak to your Unit Manager. Thanks to our sponsors / supporters for the events: Simply Sparkles Party Light Hire for the discount on party lights and mirror balls and Cape Laminate and Graphic Printing for the discount on the Italian scene print. Note all activities had Covid-19 protocols observed.


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